Popular Pawns: What Are the Most Commonly Pawned Items?

Popular Pawns: What Are the Most Commonly Pawned Items?

If you have ever walked into a pawn shop, you have no doubt seen shelves and cases full of miscellaneous treats and treasures. While many pawn shops will take just about anything of value, there are certain items that are pawned more frequently than others. So what do we see people pawn most often? Let’s look at a list of some of the most commonly pawned items.


We start with one of the most obvious choices: jewelry. Who doesn’t love those glittery trinkets? Most pieces basically sell themselves. Jewelry is prices consistently and fairly, giving those looking to pawn their items a decent profit, and there are always people looking to get a great deal on a gorgeous necklace, watch or a pair of earrings.

Old CoinsCoins

Like jewelry, coins are another big seller. Coin collecting has always been a big deal, and there are many coins that are worth a fortune. While domestic coins are most commonly seen at the pawn shop, rare currency from other countries can really command a pretty penny.


Another of the most commonly pawned groups of items is electronics. Whether it’s cellphones, video game systems or even kitchen gadgets, there is always a market for buyers and sellers alike. People are always upgrading their devices and equipment, and they bring their older pieces to pawn shops, giving them a few dollars in profit and an opportunity for customers who are looking for used items to have their pick of the litter.

Sports Equipment and Memorabilia

People love to pawn all sorts of sports equipment and memorabilia because they know that everyone loves sports. Collectors’ items, rarities and autographed items command the greatest prices, so if you have one of these distinctive items, you are really in business!

Musical Instruments

If you have ever stepped foot in a pawn shop, you have no doubt seen a few guitars or a drum set sitting on a shelf. A lot of people pawn their musical instruments when they either tire of them or need some quick cash. They also tend to move off the shelves fast, too, as those looking to pick up a guitar or start drumming can save big on retail prices by stopping by our New York City pawn shop, giving them a cheaper way to learn a new skill.

Toys and Games

A trip to the pawn shop can also be a place to sell old children’s toys, games or collectibles. As children grow up and out of some of their playthings, they can find a new home at the pawn shop for a new family. Some items may even be rare or valuable – remember Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Kids? The flashier the toy, the better, of course, and if you have a rare or signed item, then you may have a treasure on your hands.

Here at Lincoln Square Pawnbrokers, we have worked with customers looking to pawn everything from gold and jewelry to collectible toys and sports mementos, and we are happy to make a deal with any of our customers. To learn more – including what your item might be worth – stop in to see us today at 724 Amsterdam Ave. in NYC or call us at 212-865-8860.

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